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About Us

What will Nice Metals Factory do to provide better services to you?

1. PRICE – Competitive. Every buyer wants the better price. You can get what you want when you find an honest factory like Nice Medal.

2. QUALITY – meet your standard. Here in Nice Medal, defective products are not allowed to be shipped if they do not meet the quality standard.

3. On time DELIVERY – Do you have any very bad experience about the delivery time promised? Sure, you DID. You can say goodbye to this kind of condition if you choose Nice Medal, who has very strictly on time delivery control because we arrange every order reasonably to ensure no delayed orders trouble our clients.

4. Packing safety. Packages are broken or out of shape when they arrive? Some factories may say it’s problem caused during the shipment, no, not really. We can not deny that there too many conditions out of our control during shipment. However, there are still ways we can to do avoid the damage. What Nice Medal do will help protect your products better. We strong each package with packing belt and stuff space if the carton is not fully filled. Also, Nice Medal accepts personalized packing requirement.

5. Quick response from your vendor. It will never happen that your emails don’t get replied after 1 day, 2 days or even longer. This really makes people mad and feel ignored. Your emails could be replied within 6 hours for urgent issues, within 12 hours for normal questions.

6. Professional:

Design and make artwork for you

Understand what you say in emails

Know very well about the products they sell

Offer creative suggestions

Provide good services

Do what they promise

If your partners can do all the details above, congratulations, you’re working with a professional supplier. If not, please come to Nice Medal, we’re your one-stop supplier for your medals.

7. Responsible 100% for their mistakes. People make mistakes, we all know that. Making mistakes doesn’t get people mad, what get people mad is the way, the attitude you deal with the mistakes. Take responsibility for the mistakes you made is the first step you should take, not pass the buck to someone else. It really helps nothing, only make you an irresponsible coward. People make mistakes, Nice Medal does too. But we never ever pass the buck, we take 100% responsibility for the mistakes and do whatever we can to help reduce the loss of our clients.

This is Nice Medal, who are always trying to find better ways to serve you and your events.

About Nice Medal

Nice Medal has over 10 years of experience manufacturing medals. We're proud to have our intelligent sales team, creative design team and professional workers. Every of your order, no matter it’s big or small, will be the first concern of Nice Medal. Connect with Nice Medal on Facebook, Twitter. Email: sales@nicemedal.com for more details, Nice Medal will be very happy to help you!